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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fort Worth

LL&D uses only the best outdoor LED landscape lights.  View some of our projects for outdoor landscape lighting to learn more.  All of our lights have a ten to fifteen year warranty on the fixture and bulb.  LED lights also use approximately one tenth of the energy of conventional landscape lights.  We offer LED lights in a 2700 to 3000 kelvin range.  2700 kelvin is a warm, soft yellow light while 3000 kelvin is a white clean light and is the more popular of the two. Contact us today to see which one is best for your property.


Included in our landscape lighting installation are free estimates and installation plans:


  • Landscape lighting services
  • Down lighting,  “moonlighting”
  • Up-lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Pond and fountain lighting
  • Patio, deck, drive and walkway lighting
  • Athletic courts
  • Garden lighting
  • Flagpole lighting
  • Motion and security lighting


Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Dallas Fort Worth Outdoor Lighting

After the job is completed we provide year-round maintenance with a maintenance agreement and the simplicity of an annual fee. This includes:

  • Cleaning all fixtures, especially the lenses using a special chemical that restores brilliance to accent lights
  • Change burned out and broken lamps at cost
  • Removing dried debris from fixtures
  • Trim any vegetation from around fixtures
  • Re-aiming fixtures due to ground shift
  • Changing lamps/fixtures at an optional cost
  • Performing system on/off checks
  • Set timer and adjust photo cells
  • Perform yearly transformer maintenance, clean transformer,  and tighten lugs which can loosen over time due to heating and cooling of transformer
  • Install cow tag to keep spiders, ants, wasp, hornets and other pests from taking up residence in the controller
  • If a fixture needs to be relocated there is an additional $50.00 charge


We don’t just light you and leave you.  


Retro-fitting existing fixtures with LED bulbs

LL&D also offers an option to update existing landscape lighting system to LED lighting.  It may be possible to change bulbs in your existing system to LED. This will give you the beauty and low operating expense of LED with less of an investment.   



Landscape Services

Landscape ServicesAll good landscapes start with a plan, whether it is for a small job that requires only notes and rough sketches or large jobs with auto CAD (Computer Assisted Design). A plan is important so that everyone is in agreement with regard to what work is going to be done.  From that point, digital imaging can help take the design from flat symbols on paper to lifelike renderings.  This is very helpful if you want to visualize what the landscape will look like.  LL&D can help with that and more.


Before we start on a landscape design we like to start with a consultation.  We will come out to your property and spend up to an hour on site with you. During that time we will find out what you want to do, evaluate the site, and look for any potential problems such as drainage, soil, light or other potential issues that could interfere with your plans.  We will give you our opinion, ideas, and what we see as strengths and weaknesses of your site.  We can also give you an estimate on how much a design will cost.  


During the design process we find out as much as possible about your likes and dislikes:  how you want the landscape to look; how it will be used; how much maintenance you can tolerate; and how much water it might take to keep the plants healthy.  We design to your wants and needs.   Once the design is complete we will present it to you for any revisions.  After you approve the design we will give you a detailed estimate.  Once the estimate is accepted we can begin the installation.  


Our professional installers are top notch. There will always be a native, English- speaking professional on-site should you need to communicate with them.  

We will clean the job site every day and never leave a mess for you. We are very respectful of your property while we work.